How the Heck

to be Healthy

Are you sick of not being in control of your health?

We understand your desire to feel healthy, happy and confident – and why shouldn’t you be? You deserve to be well, and your loved ones will be impacted significantly when you’re feeling your best.

Using a comprehensive, well-researched scientific approach to wellness and my personal 25 years of experience as a health practitioner, we have developed a 6 week course to reset your health, rewire your mindset, and empower you with the knowledge you need for your journey towards great health.

Regain Control of your Health and Wellbeing

Diets alone don’t work. The latest superfood doesn’t really make a difference. New Year’s Resolutions only last for so long. The key to being well in all areas of your life is to elucidate the underlying causes of imbalance and understand what drives disease or promotes health in your body, so you can address these issues head-on to bring about lasting change.

What does it Involve

By joining our programme, you will not just receive a prescribed diet plan, but rather gain insights and research-based knowledge that you will be able to apply to your own unique health journey for the rest of your life.

We delve into ketogenic life, detoxification, the regenerating power of cell rejuvenation, and how the immune system is triggered to drive disease. By the end of this course, you’ll learn not only how to lose weight in a healthy and sustainable way, but also how to read your body, rewire your mindset, and how you can stop the DNA download of disease through diet and lifestyle.

Fascinating topics like “leaky gut” and the microbiome, oxidative stress, methylation, autophagy and epigenetics are unpacked so you can get the in on the latest scientific research and use that knowledge for your personal journey.

Our 6-week reset, rewire, empower course is a science-based journey to wellness

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Our Point of Difference

Everybody is unique. We understand that through equipping you with the knowledge to become your own health detective, as well as personally coaching you on your health journey, your long-term gains from this program will be optimised. Our 6-week course is not just another diet – it’s a comprehensive program for wellness. Why choose us?


  • Instead of giving you a formula or a method I teach you the science behind how to read your body and understand what’s going on and how to bring balance
  • Access my wealth of expert knowledge from 25 years clinical practice as a health practitioner as I personally guide and support you. Read “My Story” here.
  • Diagnostic tools such as laboratory stool microbiome genetic analysis, tongue diagnosis, facial mapping, and your personal health history story and a mindset health evaluation are used to discover the underlying cause of your weight and health issues
  • Discover the secrets that Chinese Medicine has put into practice for thousands of years and use them as powerful tools to enhance your own wellbeing.
  • Learn how to supplement and accelerate your journey to health with top quality pre- and pro- biotics, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and medicinal foods

What you Get

Our comprehensive program includes everything you need to support you in your health journey.

Personal wellness analysis and 2 x 45min online health consultation with Libby George

Personal diagnostic health analyses

Weight loss plan


The ketogenic lifestyle plan

Training and support videos with worksheets

Following your initial health consultation, potent therapeutic dosage of Practicioner only products can be prescribed

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Metabiome genetic microbiome testing available

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Omega 3 index test available

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Additional allergy testing options are available on request

6- Week Course Overview

Module 1 – Crowd out with Goodness

Instead of telling you what you can’t do, or all the things you have to give up I prefer to encourage you to explore what you can have and look at why. Do what it takes to have a well-rested, hydrated, relaxed, nutritionally boosted YOU – starting with loading you up with the good stuff!

Module 2 – The “Read My Body” Blueprint

What are your nails, your skin and your hair saying about you? Learn tongue diagnosis, stool and urine analysis, facial mapping and become your own Health Detective. Use the understanding of your personal internal clock to gain insight into your body’s imbalances. Plus track your moods and emotions and discover how they reflect specific organ health.

Module 3 – Gut Health and the Microbiome

Leaky Gut, the gut brain axis and the Microbiome unpacked. Immune triggers, allergies, food sensitivities and the elimination process of identification and healing.

Module 4 – Ketogenic Lifestyle and Detox tools

Keto, Detox, Autophagy, Methylation, oxidative stress, epigenetics unpacked

Module 5 – Mindset Rewire

Rewire my brain, new mindset for success

Module 6 – Heal and Supplement

Herbal medicine principles, nutritional supplements and Medicine Food

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